Artur AckerArtur Acker

Grandson of Bleys of Amber, Great-Grandson of Brand of Brandenburg


Trump Descripion

Artur stands around 6'2", and weighs probably 175lb. He looks to be is in his early thirties, although he often seems younger at first glance. He has a lean, wiry build, and well defined musculature that reveals there isn't an ounce of fat on him.

His hair is decidedly more red than blond nowadays, worn longer than military cut and is inclined to curl. This frames a sharply defined face, with a complexion tending towards the pale Celtic, distinct cheekbones, and hazel eyes which appear to observe everything keenly. And yet behind the intelligence, there is something which makes him look old beyond his years.

He is pictured wearing a dark blue suit over a lighter blue shirt which is open at the neck. There is an oakleaf pin on the lapel of his suit jacket. He is standing in some kind of stone-built, underground chamber, with a vaulted ceiling, illuminated by carefully positioned lighting.

Astral Form

Artur’s astral form is his idealised view of himself. His hair is longer and darker, his eyes are blue and more piercing, and his build is more solid than his usual light frame. He also has more presence in that form, probably related to his strength of mind and occult knowledge, although his expression is considerably more manic. He is dressed in some kind of high-necked jerkin in a dark grey fabric, with green and black leather decorations, under a dark leather jacket with gold highlights, with green leather trousers. Blue and yellow flames seem to flicker about him, although they seem part of him rather than showing any sign of causing him harm. 

Character Information

Preferred clothing
Colours Prefers dark colours: greys, browns, dark or olive green.
Formal Dress uniform
Everyday On duty, he will always be in an immaculately turned out uniform
Off duty, he will usually wear a two or three piece suit. He likes waiscoats.
Casual Long-sleeved cotton or denim shirts, with the sleeves rolled up neatly in summer; jeans or light cotton trousers; comfortable shoes.
Mother, Marina Acker; nationality German; profession journalist. Father, Ian Michael Cushing; nationality English; profession spy; status, persona non gratia - life forfeit within the GGR
His dearest friend is his nephew, Armand Becker, who he grew up with in the Berlin Lebensborn Centre. He has a developing relationship with his brother, Wolf Ulrich. How he and his father get on is not, at this point, clear.
Ranks and titles
Prince of Brandenburg

Prince of Amber

Freiherr von Rüthen and holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Germania.

Knight of the Inner Circle and Guardian of the Wewelsburg, Germania. Holds the rank of Brigadeführer in the Auslands-SD.
He was born and brought up on Tenterden, although he moved to Germania about three years ago, Tenterden calendar, since when he has spent a certain amount of time in fast time.

He also has quarters in Amber Castle, as well as his private quarters in the Hexen tower.
Items and possessions
He will usually carry his officer's dagger whether or not he's on duty. When off duty, it is tucked in a sheath in the small of his back. Around Amber, he has also taken to carrying a sword much of the time.
Trials and tribulations, accomplishments
Settling in as one of Dieter's personal staff, with an intelligence brief concerning occult activities in general and the Lynx Cult in particular. He is known to be an accomplished ritual magician, and has recently discovered a previously unsuspected flair for computers and technology.

Acts as day to day administrator of the Hexenland complex of Shadows, which were discovered by a group of Amberites some months ago.

Has taken to working at the Boar's Head Tavern in Amber City at least once a week.