Short Stories


Please Remember: These are posted for the OOC amusement of the GM and players, not IC information for characters.

A Holiday Romance, September 1935 Aftermath and Consultation, Late-November 2007
How Ian met Audrey, June 1944   Clearing the Winter Air, Winter Solstice 2007
An English Patient, 28 July 1944   Family Matters, Christmas Eve 2007
Meet the Parents, Mid-September 1944   Scotch in the Library, New Year's Eve 2008
Coronation Day, June 1953   Interlude Over Port and Cigars, Early-July, Amber time
Find the Lady, March 1968 Things I Didn't Expect a Year Ago, Mid-July, Amber time
An Honest Man in a Dishonest Organisation, July 1968   Blood on the Sand, Open Shadow, Late-July Amber time
Visiting Hours, August 1968   War Stories, Early-March 2008
An English Family Christmas: Kent, 1973   Flying Lessons and Beer, Late-July Amber time
Necator regum sum, et pro regibus nector,
Winter Solstice 1976
  New Arrivals, Summer Solstice 2008
Overseas Assignment, May 1977   Post-Yule Blues, December 2008
An Autumn Break in St Petersburg, September 1980   Homecoming, January 2009
Exchange of Prisoners, October 1980   Snapshots #1: Tenterden/Dominion
First Pattern Walk, May 1981   Snapshots #2: Dominion/Tenterden
Then and Now: Then, Tenterden 1981; Agincourt 1364   Vignette: Summoning a Snow Leopard, June 2009
Student Intake, October 2003   The Black Zone/House Helgram, Mid-November
Storm Watch, New Year, Amber time   Tenterden, Mid- December 2009
A Difficult Conversation, Late-Spring, Amber time   Guadianship, Disappointment and Anger
Various Places, 2nd January
Relationship Advice, Amber and Elsewhere, Late-Spring   Then and Now: Now, Tenterden 2010; Agincourt 1413
Solitude, Early-November 2007