Ian HawkeArmand Becker

Son of Wolf Ulrich, Great-Grandson of Bleys of Amber


Trump Descripion

Armand looks to be in his early-thirties. He is taller than Wolf, standing around 6'0", weighs in aroun d180lb, and has the fit physique one would expect from a soldier. He has dark blond hair, bordering more on red than it used to in certain lights, and intense blue eyes that he obviously inherited from his father - and ultimately, his ancestor Bleys. There is also a noticeable scar over his left eye. In his Trump, he is wearing a light beard, or perhaps dark five o'close Shadow, which does little to hide his relative youth.

Instead of the previous uniform, he's now pictured in civvies: a blue denim shirt, grey waistcoat, and dark jeans. From the background, he is in some kind of manor house, or similar wood pannelled building. He is learning slightly against an internal wooden arch, but his overall posture is still pretty straight backed, although now it has less of a feeling that he's at parade-ground rest and more one of growing confidence in his own abilities. He is looking directly at the artist, with a trace of a smile on his lips.

Astral Form

Armand’s astral form throws off his day-to-day military demeanour, and is very much a teenager on his way to the beach. His hair is longer than in his waking form, and seems sun lightened from his usual dark blond, and he appears wearing a loose white t-shirt, grey below-the-knee-shorts with lots of pockets, and is barefoot. 

Character Information

Preferred clothing
Colours Prefers blues and greys, as well as black and white
Formal Dress uniform (Germania SS, Amber Army)
Everyday On duty, he will always be in an immaculately turned out uniform, whichever one it happens to be at the time.
Off duty, he tries to avoid wearing anything too formal at all.
Casual Loose shirts, usually long sleeved, but with very loose cuffs, preferably denim or cotton. He is more likely to wear long-sleeved t-shirts than short-sleeved. Jeans or light trousers which are always loose enough to fight in.
He is the child of Heidi Seidel, daughter of Fiona and Wolf Ulrich, son of Ian Hawke. He was brought up within the Berlin Lebensborn Centre, believing that his father was dead, and although his mother taught at the centre, it was hard to acknowledge their relationship. As far as he was aware, she died of cancer a few years after he left the Centre. However, he has since discovered that both his father, and his mother, are still alive.

He is known to enjoy the company of the ladies, especially in his persona as poster-boy for the Germania Department of Propaganda, although he is always discreet in his liaisons. However, he's shown little sign of wanting to settle down.
His best friend is his uncle (so he's now discovered), Artur Acker, who he grew up with in the Centre. He also has a very good relationship with his father, and is becoming closer to his grandfather.
Ranks and titles
Prince of Amber

Lt General in the Royal Amber Army

Acknowledged as a member of the House of Brandenburg, with the courtesy title of Prince.
Freiherr von Lichtenfels and holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Germania.
He was born and brought up on Tenterden, and until recently was serving in the armed forces of the Greater German Reich. However, he has now resigned his commission and is living in a flat in Berkeley Square, London when he's on Tenterden.

He also has rooms in Amber Castle, and a condo in Berlin, Germania, where he stays when he's working with the Germania Department of Propaganda.
Items and possessions
Unless he's at home, or staying with either his fahter or his grandfather, he is always armed with a knife in a wrist sheath.
Trials and tribulations, accomplishments
Claimed by the Lynx Cult as their property due to a deal to purchase his soul during a previous incarnation. They managed to capture him once, but he was rescued by a group of his cousins. However, the threat is still out there.

He is also exploring his abilities as a tactical commander, and testing his limits as a general.