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A Partial Helgram Family Tree

The family is so large, that the only person who really knows how everyone connects to everyone else is Dhugal, the Keeper of the Helgram Lineage. However, here is a partial extract.

Graham Helgram the Elder (aka Graham senior, Helgram of Helgram, deceased) married Maíread Barimen (deceased), daughter of King Swayville of Chaos and Queen Alberta Graham was made Grand Duke on his marriage.

Graham Junior (deceased) m. Joan of Hendrake (Aunt of Grand Duchess Belissa Minobee of House Hendrake)

Duchess Clarissa m. Oberon of Amber

Grand Duke Bleys of Helgram married Swayvanna Swayville-Barriman

Six sons and one daughter (all deceased)

Arch Duke Ian (Crown Prince Helgram) + Greta von Ansbach

Duke Wolfgang + Heidi Seidel (daughter of Fiona)

Duke Armand

                                              + Katherine Heisel-Hendrake

Marquis Soren

Marquis Blaine

Marquesa Elena

                                     m. Marina Acker

Marquis Artur

Marquesa Rowan

Marquis Linden

                                      + ??

Countess Eleanor

                                      + Adrianne (daughter of Queen Florimel)

Countess Caroline

Countess Sheila

                                      Acting Guardian (no parents stated)



Archduke John + Sylvia Helgram (deceased)


     + Cinth of Lyonnesse

Marquesa Morgana

     + Jasra Suhuy-Barriman

Marquis Patrick

     + Dara Helgram-Hendrake

Marquis Andrew

Duchess Fiona

Marquis Isaac

Marquis Icarus

Marqusa Bryndal

Duke Brand

Many children, living and dead. Living children include:

Marquis Geran (son of Dybele Hendrake) m. Bryndal daughter of Fiona

Viscount Darren, Lord Sasha, Lady Nayda, Lady Adina, Lady Faina, Lord Ken, Lord David

     + Dsara

Alexander (living in the Black Zone)

     + Sif


Marquis Dieter (son of Dybele Hendrake) m. Margitte Heydrich-Channicut

Marina Acker m. Archduke Ian

Marquis Dalt (son of Dybele Hendrake) + Melanie (daughter of Bleys, deceased)

Andrés Campos

Marquis Marcus (Dara)

Marquis Matthew (Elizabeth Channicut)

Marquis Rinaldo, Marquesa Jorrah, Marquesa Viviana and Marquesa Ygraine (Jasra Suhuy-Barriman)

Duchess Rosemary

+ Borel Hendrake

Marquesa Clarabelle + Jericho Channicut

Sheridan, Nestor, Hector, Anastasia, Aspasia, Senna, Drake and Leopold (Twins), Jackson and Grant (Twins) Arcadian, Zod, Lexington, Bellarose, Margot, Reagan (daughter) , Hendrick, Sasha , Vladimir, Mikhail , Jefferson, Mickey, Broderick, Frederick , Lex (Alexander)

+ ??

Marquis Achmed (Jesby father)

Marquesa Mary (Maid of Honour to Morgana)

Marquesa Isabel

Duchess Florence (robin’s egg blue eyes) m. Douglas Fitz-Chanicut (son of Tubble’s)

Baron Robert (Robbie – elder twin)

Baron Roderick (Roddy – younger twin)

Baron Douglas (Dougie - elder twin)

Baron Dhugal (younger twin), Helgram Keeper of the Lineage

Baroness Maeve

Duchess Athena –head of the Helgram School

Marquesa Anne (Maid of Honour to Morgana) + Duke Brand


Duchess Marguerita

Duchess Juanita m. George Hendrake (Grandson of Belissa Minobee)

Marquesa Alexandra

Marquesa Joyce m. Vilhelm FitzChannicut





Duke Daveth Helgram, Master of the Arcane + Helena Sawall (sister of Gramble)

Marquis Mikel, Lord Chancellor

     m. Dybele Hendrake (daughter of Minobee and Caradoc Hendrake)

Marquesa Elowen + Archduke Ian

Earl Jowan Daveth-Helgram + Imelda Hendrake



Marquesa Eithne (missing presumed dead)

     + ??

Earl Alwyn

Duchess Matilda Helgram

Marquis David (Channicut father)

Marquesa Sinead (Hendrake father)

Duke William Helgram m. Darlene Hendrake

Marquesa Dara m. Grand Duke Gramble Sawall (deceased)



      + Many sons, including:

Magnus (Oberon Dworkin-Barriman)

Merlin, Christophe (Corwin)

Marcus, Thrawn (Brand)

Andrew (Bleys)

     + Marienne Delacroix

Earl Uilliam (illegitimate) + ??

Ronan Uilliam-Helgram

Lady Jenna

Duke Henry Helgram (deceased) m. Johanna Hendrake

Marquis Arran Harrison-Helgram


Marquis Finn Harrison-Helgram, Head of the Helgram House Police

Marquesa Jennifer Harrison-Helgram

Earl Jacob (illegitimate, different Hendrake mother)

Duke Stephen Helgram (deceased) m. Shevaun

Marquis Llewellyn Stephenson-Helgram, Master at Arms

Marquesa Shea Stephens-Helgram

Duchess Eleanor Helgram, Head of the Helgram Diplomatic Service

Marquesa Gwenith Eleanor Helgram, House Infirmarer

Countess Susan Eleanor Helgram

Marquesa Lindsay Eleanor Helgram, House Commercial Director

Duke Richard Helgram

Marquis Callum Richardson-Helgram

Marquis Cíaran Richardson-Helgram, Lord Chamberlain

Marquis Pieter Richardson-Helgram (deceased)

Duke John Helgram

Marquesa Breda Johns-Helgram

Duke Edward Helgram, Bishop of Helgramways